I studied at Camberwell School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art, The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, and Skowhegan School of Art in Maine. I grew up in the Scottish Borders and now live with my family in Edinburgh by the seaside. I make a living as a designer and some of this work can be seen here.

In 2018 I opened a small occasional non-profit gallery called Gallery 5595 which I intended to open two to there times a year and show drawing and experimental work by artists from home and abroad. Covid has of course temporarily put a halt on this happy enterprise.

It should go without saying that all the artwork contained in this site is copyright to me, but I’ll say it anyway: all the artwork contained in this website is copyright to mark haddon 2022

If you’re interested in any of the work shown here or just want to have a chat, I can be contacted by email here and on Instagram @markhaddon_artist

About the work

Mark Haddon makes work in a variety of media, these days mostly wood, pigment and ink. His making process is a kind of unstructured or even accidental research and the work seems often to be arrived at through walking. Research is not directed by practical objectives, rather there is an open-ended approach: the artwork connects and then goes in a separate direction and then connects again, etc.  

While some of the time the work is an exploration of the potency of imagined space, particularly that found in myth, the rest of the time, making art is simply a mechanism by which I can rail against those political, mental and physical boundaries that seem increasingly to encroach. Much, or all of the current work explores loss and boundary.

His art practice has its roots in installation and his use of media is, as result, fluid. There is a freedom in both practice and form.

Recent Exhibitions

2017 Sanctuary Lab in the Galloway Dark Skies Forest: Cut Adrift, audio installation in group exhibition
2017 Hidden Doors, Edinburgh: Hollow City, installation in group exhibition
2017 Rhubaba Pie at Assembly House, Leeds: Pig Monster Eats Village, group exhibition
2017 Artwalk Porty, Edinburgh: Cithaeron, installation in group exhibition
2017 Skowhegan, NewYork: Personals, group exhibition
2016 Edinburgh Palette, Edinburgh: Between Two Moons, Solo installation
2016 Artwalk Porty, Edinburgh: Voice-boxes, installation in group exhibition
2015 Curved Stream ( in the grounds of Traquair House, Scottish Borders: HerWilderness, two installations as part of  group show

Recent publication contributions

2017 Dark Mountain publication issue 12: Hollow City

Recent Prizes

2016 Richard Coley prize, Visual Arts Scotland

Other Exhibitions

1997 Solo @ Marguerite Oestreicher Fine Art in New Orleans, USA: Ham fisted - Solo exhibition of artwork
1996 Solo @ Catalyst Gallery, Belfast: Clearing/Sweeny, Solo installation
1996 Solo @ National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo: How a battle appears from the clouds - Solo installation
1995 Solo @ Truck: arc, Calgary, Canada: Entrance - Solo installation
1994 Solo @ Collective Gallery, Edinburgh: Exit - Solo installation
1994 Solo @ Galeria AT, Poznan, Poland: In the forest, Solo installation at
1997 Gasworks, London: Sara, artwork three-person show called Insulator
1997 Gallery Artis, Netherlands as part of Speel: Sweeney, video installation
1996 Solo @ Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe: Disembodied, collaboration with Zimbabwean artist Buzzy Impey
1995 Solo @ Transmission Gallery, Glasgow: My swiss army penknife – installation in three-person show
1994 Aerial, Edinburgh: In the garden, intervention and installation, collaboration with artist Sean Watson
1994 Old City bath House, Gdansk, Poland: Reservoir, installation in group show
1993 Solo @ Centre for Contemporary Arts, Zamek Ujazdowskie, Warsaw, Poland: Pokoj - Solo installation
1993 Solo @ Galeria a.r.t, Plock, Poland: Cut, solo installation
1993 Intervention project, Shelton, Connecticut, USA: Father and Slim Fit installations in group show

Digital Animation

1999 Itch, short film, selected screenings during 1999 -2001: Annecy Animation Festival, Tough Eye Festival, Turku, Iceland, Edinburgh Film Festival: Scottish Screen First Reels Programme, Docfest, Leipzig, Best of Annecy Festival, Montreal


1996 Duncan of Jordanstone College, Dundee University: PGdip Electronic Imaging
1991 Skowghegan Summer School, Main, USA
1992 Edinburgh College of Art, MA
1990 Edinburgh College of Art, BA (Hons), First class
1986 Camberwell College of Art, London: Foundation year

Between Two Moons, an installation of drawings 

Looking back through trees