Between two moons

installation of drawings
installation shot showing drawings. Each drawing is attached to wall by magnets and is 7.5" by 9.75

installation shot showing drawings and bird. The bird is a Knot
installation shot showing drawings and stuffwed bird (the bird is a Knot). Each drawing is attached to wall by magnets and is 7.5" by 9.75

Exhibited at Gallery 3, Edinburgh Palette in 2017

The work in the exhibition and particularly in the sequence of drawings, can be seen as a journey made through a landscape without a known destination. In this instance it is a journey made between two moons. I had been thinking about the story of Cadmus, who in his search for his sister Europa, had been told by the Delphic Oracle to follow a cow and where that cow lay down, he should found a city. In the Cadmus story as in reality, a path followed becomes transformative or magical when it opens up onto something unexpected, where the boundaries of real and imaginary become fused or inseparable with place and moment. This I think is a point at which art and magic exist. The work is following a generally line of enquiry into our latent potential for experiencing other states of consciousness, other forms of perception that run parallel to our preferred rational state. We tend to attribute ‘value’ only to waking rational states at the expense of other forms of consciousness, which as a result, have become marginalised. Hence my interest in myth.