Dear C
So glad we caught up with each
other at last (This year, with only the dulcet
tones of lo Argentina to remind me of you,
has been a bleak one). We've looked forward
to seeing you here on 9th Sept. and meeting
M. We're off to Teignmouth tomorrow for the
day to say hallo to Dad and J. Perhaps doing
it will deal with some of my dread of it.
On Tuesday we're off to Central Wales for 4

// verso //

nights to a caravan. I hope It'll be a quick
break which I feel I desperately need. That
probably won't be possible when H is behaving
as obnoxiously as he has been - his language is
obscene and defiance unbelievable (he's only 11
gawd'elp me). At least L left eventually,
having gained the 'A' levels she wanted. W
still feels I was inhospitable to insist she
found somewhere else but when you're running
on empty it's foolish to offer unconditional
help indiscriminately - esp. in the school
holiday!! See you in a couple of weeks.
Love, B