1. When You do not listen and argue it
    makes me feel hurt and that you do
    not love me.

  2. When I get your School report like
    when your teacher speaks to me I
    feel like I want to die right there.
    I feel so empty, sad and cry
    a lot when you go to bed

  3. When you are Selfish and all you think
    about is you. What you want, buy me
    this, give me this it really hurts.

  4. When you fight with children
    in church and all the adults are upset
    with you and shout at you or tell
    their children to not play with you
    it humiliates me and feel like a

  5. When you do not concentrate and you
    do not become the best you can be
    I feel Sad and Cry.

  6. When you argue with me I feel


I Promise to love you for ever,
to be patient with you and help
you to Know Jesus. I Promise to forget
all that you have done in the past.