seeing and hearing her - almost
invisible in one of those chairs
where one sinks down a long way
- giggling, laughing helplessly - over
almost everything - as W said
"like a schoolgirl" - lovely!

Thank-you for your letter to us
all - W read it out loud to us
while we were waiting for J's
J - he didn't quite get to the
end of it before they arrived - so
we read it all through again in
turn on our own.

// verso //

As you might know - we all spent
a lot of time laughing & talking -
as I did enjoy listening to N
talking about Perfect Health - he
explains it all so clearly. On the
questions on the leaflet I'm 11
Answers Vata, 11 answers Pitta, 4
Kapha. - How about you? I had E
to help me with my answers - to be
less biased!
Take care of yourself - KEEP IN
With much love -