Rom 3.23:
      "All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God"!

pT. 1 Get others to lead. !

      Luke 11. vs. 1 - 4

            How to pray.

Folk say don't need to taught to pray i.e. just talk
to God.
      Not Scriptural : → Import taught how to pray.

Most difficult part of Christian life i.e. REAL Prayer

∴ // illegible // can learn about prayer.

      Luke : → Q of test? truncated version of Lords Prayer
      in Luke. ∴ Luke took main teaching of Lord
      and gave us it.

Lord taught us How NOT A Ritual words to repeat.
NT.      one expression used most often from OT. is Sovereign Lord

Names of God : - when Jesus asked v. import used term Father
for adressing God
      (NOTE: 1. Don't be criticall of set form.
                  ie most of us have already one focus and // illegible //! a).

Principles : Father : Jesus gives disciples privilege of addressing
God the way He did!
                                    HALLOWED BE NAME
(NOTE) Many Orthodox Jews wouldnt say JHWH!
He said when pray say FATHER

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idea of even His chosen nation + brings it to a father
Son relation.

1. Often people are find fatherhood of God as a negative
thing i.e.. Not an idea of father who cares + loves.
            be an idea of an evil + abussive father.
            ∴ Must be carefull because we have flawed parents
            + we can easily read into God the Father what we know
            of our father

We must define a Good Father to avoid all.
2 Father idea of God is the same as God is
            i.e. Fatherhood
            ↓ ↑                         } when we pray to God not talk about
                                             prayer as if addressing Him as a pal.
                                             + abusing Him
            i.e. when come to God many are terrified
            Isiah, David, Peter.
NOT BE Blasé : - Must understand who God is
            He can't look upon evil is often over stress
Love, friend Brother of God NOT SOVEREIGNTY, MAJESTY
            HE HATES ALL SIN!
"Most non Christians believe God is Love.
Many Christians find it very difficult to believe g God's
                                    BUT HE DOES.

            So realise God is Love. Then what?


1st Priority is that God be Glorified. i.e. Acknowledge

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Honour, Praise.

- What is happening with God's name today?
      Mockery, swear word. etc!
      ∴ we must honour + Hallow + Glorify HIS NAME
      ie we want people to have a respect for Your Name!

This is often different priority than normal!

Who do pray to? // illegible // ?
                  Usually for the people presents bought?

: PRIDE ie pray and work so we can be
known as good such and success!
                  We want praise!

We need praise       We are effected by others
words about us. But as a motivation
Praise of ME is a reversal of worth.

Must begin with prayer God.

Your Kingdom Come                            NOTE: Jesus found
                                                                 prayer an agony
Kingdom means Gods rule                   in Gethsemane BUT
                                                                 despite what he felt
                                                                 said "Your will be done"
Pray 2 Kings
                   I. want Gods will in own life and in
lives of others around us. i.e. pray God will
                    reign in our lives
                    II. praying also for Second Coming
ie we don't long and pray for       "           "

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B Jesus wants us to long for Him
                    i.e. His spiritual reign
                    Bu also his phisical presence.

ie : Longer Jesus away we want him back all the

                    III. Most pray for Gods Honour, Glory
                    Reign + His Reigns advancement.
                    is * God first : in 1st 3 petitions

Give us daily Bread
I. Dont spiritualise. ie Solomon said neither // illegible //
or poverty i.e. what need for day!
          Pray about food + daily needs + concerns:
II.       This seems to go against attitude of society to materials
          posesions i.e. our society says start saving up for
          retirement + insurance etc. His attitude of
          garenteeing provisions + be dependant on what have
          is WORONG. - We can die, we are weak, the
                                        economy may collapse,
The Christians must be dependant on God
totally and absolutly.
                    NoT Don't work by all is from Him.
rely on Him!

                    ie also guidance in what get, what
buy, what want etc Money, we wait till
          stressed till pray about it. → pray every day!

If ca't Thank God for it shouldnt have it.

III. Must also pray for forgiveness i.e. come to

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                    ie Forgive Sins as forgive others
(God in view of our weakness + sins! contest

ie → if we are offended + are angry
+ hatefull we can't pray for own forgiveness

          if we can't forgive why should He forgive

          Lead us not into temptation: deliver us from

I. if temptation is at weak point.

          Must pray. against temptation + for strength
          to withstand
          Must also not look for temptation
          We quickly out of our depth.

Must work out for self right way behave for
them i.e. compare self to Gods revealed word. + then
learn for self how to!

          Don't be too busy not to pray.

          → Must pray more if very busy.

          Pray for // name // : - // name // being treated

Bowels disintegrated. // name // progress amazing
very nearly to dye
                              // illegible // non-descriptions
3 - 4 days crucially! Saturday Mission meeting