Hinge is one part of a two part installation as part of Curved Stream (http://www.curvedstream.com), at Traquair House, Scottish Borders. One indoors the other occupying an exterior space (see Her Wilderness)

The artwork stems from the story of Actaeon discovering the Goddess Artemis bathing; whereupon he is ritualistically transformed into a deer and torn apart by his own deer hounds. The installations were an attempt to integrate this mythical or poetic event within current space and time and sought to define a physical space in which such transformation could be enacted or come-upon.

The installations were oriented in an easterly arc towards the autumnal moon-rise in which Artemis, goddess of the wild wood, is in her new-moon aspect of renewal. The work however pivots on the relationship between the deer and the hound, and the transformation of the hunter into the hunted, with some of the sculptures representing discarded parts of Actaeon’s body.