How's it going? I am fine I suppose.
I have got one hell of a head ache so
this letter might just be a short one
I don't know yet.
So what have you been up to?
I am really happy that you phoned me
as I didn't know what to do I
didn't know if I should phone you or
not cause I thought you might
not want to speak to me again
but I guess I was wrong eh.
Well last night I was lying in my
bed listening to the cranberrys I
know you probebly think thats sad
but never mind anyway everytime
I closed my eyes I seen pictures of
all the things we did together
before we were going out and when
we were, like that time you, J and
I went down to the Island (thats
the river) and you put a bottle of
bex in the river to keep it cool cos it
was hot that day and we sat there
for a while then when we decided
to go you could't get the bottle out
So J went in with her shoes on
remember? Then we walked right
down the river and in to the field
thats when J and you saw that

// verso //

that dog kill that rabbit then you and
J decided to rip it apart putting
a stick right through one eye and
out the other sick or what.

I still haven't found that second letter
I wrote I bet R or someone has
scooped it never mine
R, Mum, dad and I have just been
looking through od photo's of R and
I when we were young some of them
are quite funny R looks as though
he is out of his face in most of them HA HA

OH Well. I have just though of the
first time we got speaking thats
really weird! I can't believe I came
over and asked you to go and buy
J fags I bet you thought What
the fucks going on here like eh?
Anyway do you think we would
have got talking if I didn't do
I remember J and I walking
down the road just as we had first
come out and we were talking about
you saying do you think we will
see that guy again? and we
did thank god. I though you would
have picked J and I think she
thought she had a very good chance
as she thinks shes gods gift to
Men I know thats nasty but it true
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//new page//

Why did yo choose me and not J

You know when you were in jail and
you wrote me a letter saying that
Take Thats new song (I want you back
for good) was your song to me well
thats what I am listening to just now
so there.

B have you got any recent pictures
of yourself? Cause if you have I would
like one if thats no problem?

God if you could see me just now you would
be like who the hell is that as I have
got quite a few spots again but there not
that bad. I bet if I had spots when
I met you you wouldn't have wanted to
no me never mind go out with me eh.

J got a new boyfriend as I
said on the phone anyway he is
called P M and hes from B
and hes 16 years old and hes the
biggest asshole I ever set eyes

Oh my sore head has gone away just
thought I would tell you.

Well I am running out of things to
say so I guess I will have to


say good night the time now is 20 to 11pm

Oh just one more thing I need to say is
I know this probebly sounds stupid and
it also probebly doesn't make sense but
I am going to say it anyway, B
I still LOVe you a lot and I bet
your saying well why did she
dump me then? Well you know why
So I am not going to repeat my
self. I will always have a place
in my heart for you who knows
we might even get married yet?
On the phone the other night you
said that you still love me and
then you said C do you still
love me and I said nothing well
I am sorry but I couldn't say
it that I still love you. Anyway
I'd better go now so write back
to me soon PLEASE
Lots of Love
P.S. The time is now 10 to 11pm
night night
Sweet Dreams